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It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
5:01 pm

If anyone hadn't heard, Preston and Steve took Radio One to court for the right to go back on the air (before August). Now that there are no other alternative stations in Philly, there's no need for those non-compete agreements they had to sign. My dad's law firm handled the case...and guess what...they won. So expect to hear P&S back on air on WMMR really soon!

Although - Radio One wants to appeal the decision...

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Friday, March 18th, 2005
11:52 am - Saint Joe's gets involved

This week's edition of the SJU Hawk featured an editorial on Y100.


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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005
11:21 pm

Anybody going to the Mars Volta concert? Or the Sum 41 one?

PS -- on Pepper's Ghost's webpage, they have a link to the Y100 petition. :)

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Friday, March 4th, 2005
7:51 pm

I just got off the phone with Ben Harvey, he interviewed me on Y100 Rocks. For any of you who don't know, Ben Harvey use to work for Y100. Well he was really nice, and really cared about what's going on. He visited our website, and was checking everything out. The broadcast hasn't aired yet, but I'm going to record it. I mentioned the site, the petition, the support from bands, and the protest. The only part that I may have goofed up on was I said their may be local bands at the protest, but I did say that I wasn't sure on that one. Anyways, I'm hoping that this will boost our support. I'll post again when I find a place to post the interview.

Rage ON!!!

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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
11:40 pm - Sounds..

From Y100rocks.com

TenaciousB posted this.

I'm listening to Law&Order OCD and I think I might wet myself.

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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
11:55 pm - Sound Bites

I'm not sure how to post them, either here or on the y100rocks boards, but I have the old "Bush vs Gore" song from 2000 (Sung to the tune of "Should I stay ot should I go?"), as well as "Tony Danza Reads Harry Potter." If anyone wants a copy, or knows how I can put them here, let me know.

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10:50 pm

Just so you kids know, if you haven't heard already, y100rocks.com administrator TenaciousB received a call from Rolling Stone magazine and was interviewed. Apparently, they're gonna cover the Y100 story in the next issue! TenacousB says that the issue will be on the news stands in two or three weeks.

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5:27 pm - Community outreach

I guess it goes without saying that you guys all signed the petition... And I guess it's safe to assume you've all written at least one entry about it in your own LJs :)

But here's something else you can do...

If you're in college and on FaceBook, join the Save y100 sommunities. If there isn't one, start it.

Every little bit is worth something.

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4:51 pm - HootToot(Preston and Steve)

Hello there. It saddens me and angers me greatly to have to deal with this sort of calamity. But Preston and Steve will be back!! They signed a contract with WMMR and will begin there in late August due to a non-compete clause int hier contract. This is not a rumor. I have read this information on the Billboard Radio web site. So for Preston and Steve fans in 6 months they can begin to have a morning show thats ROCKS again.

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Monday, February 28th, 2005
9:56 pm

Welcome to the official Y100 LJ Community!

This will be updated more and more as I get the time.

Feel free to post with anything Y100 related, or any ideas as to what to do with this community.


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